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25 Top Fitness Gifts For Her | Christmas 2020

We can already hear the sleigh bells ringing and smell the cinnamon in the air. That means it’s time to start looking for Christmas gifts for this year. 

Especially in 2020, no one wants to be running around the shops a week before Christmas frantically searching for the perfect gift. This year, stick to getting your pressies delivered straight to your door. 

We’ve made it even easier to find that perfect gift for your loved ones, saving you the time trawling through the internet, by delivering you a comprehensive list of the top gifts for all the ladies in your life. 

Start making that list and checking it twice. This is our comprehensive guide to our top gifts for women this Christmas.

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1. PRO Range Sample Box

Gift yourself or your favorite gym partner quality like no other with the PRO Range Sample Box.

Within the Myprotein PRO box, you’ll find premium products like THE Coffee Boost, THE Amino Boost, THE Pre-Workout, THE EAAs, and our PRO Metal Shaker. For what’s usually over a $100, you’ll be able to purchase at a super low price.


2. Composure Leggings and Sports Bra Set

For the Yoga loving ladies of the world, our Composure Collection is the perfect gift.  

With soft touch fabrics throughout the leggings, and sleek designs on the sports bras, a Composure set is a no brainer on the wish-list for any Yogi. 


3. The Health & Wellness Bundle

Achieving a healthy lifestyle can often take time, results will not be seen overnight – it takes time, dedication and determination. But it can be done.

We’ve compiled a simple, but effective bundle of some wellness essentials designed at helping you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle into 2021 and beyond.


 4. Daily Multivitamins

Help them to stay well this winter with a little help from our multi-vitamins. No one wants to miss a training session because of the sniffles, so having these easy tablets on hand with 4 different vitamins blended together will keep anyone on track with their fitness routine. 


 5. Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands have never been a more appropriate gift than this Christmas. 

Enhance her home-workouts with a set of good resistance bands to add to her home gym collection. 


 6. Metal Shaker

The perfect alternative to the usual plastic shaker, our Metal Shaker gets you a smooth shake every time, in style. Any ladies in your life will certainly thank you for this one. 


 7. Composure Yoga Bag

The Composure Yoga bag will be life changing for any committed Yogis. Providing Yoga mat storage and tons of room for all your other essentials. 


8. Clear whey or clear vegan 

If the women in your life prefer something fruitier than your average protein shake, clear protein is the way to go. 

In flavours like Dragon Fruit, Peach Tea, and Orange Mango, and in both whey and vegan form, you can’t go wrong with this stocking filler. 


9. Whey or Soy Isolate

For the lovers of the creamy, smooth protein shake, our classic Whey or Soy Isolate is ideal for under the tree this year. 

Try our Salted Caramel flavours in both of these for that festive flavor. 


10. Protein Wafers

If you find protein bars too heavy for your taste, wafers are a lighter and just as delicious choice to fuel your routine — with the nutritional benefits to back it up.

Our Protein Wafers come complete with 15 grams of protein, they’re low in sugar, and are available in 2 velvety flavors — Chocolate and Vanilla.


 11. Myvegan Protein Bar

Our Vegan Protein Bar is a tasty solution to sweet-tooth cravings. Packed with plant-based proteins, an indulgent soft center, and topped with a delicious dark chocolate coating, they’re great to power your day — naturally flavored and sweetened.


12. The Nuts Bar

We’re so excited to share with you our newest high-protein protein bar — The Nuts Bar. Made with crunchy roasted almonds and packed with 12g of protein, The Nuts Bar is a convenient choice for staying fueled when you need it most.

High in fiber, this protein bar is the perfect balance of savory nuts and smooth vanilla . Shop below.


13. THE MCT Boost

Medium-chain triglycerides, or as they’re typically abbreviated MCT, are a form of fat that provides an easily digestible, calorie-dense energy source. THE MCT Boost is an easy-to-use MCT oil, derived from 100% coconut oil, that’s perfect for adding to your favorite hot and cold drinks.


14. Foam Roller

An essential for any gym go-er but even more needed now home workouts are much more popular. The perfect gift for any women doing weightlifting, running, or any kind of endurance training. 


15. Essential Omega-3 Soft Gels 

Omega-3 is a core supplement for a lot of health-conscious people, supporting heart function and normal blood pressure. So, get your loved one stocked up with three months’ worth of this stocking filler. 


16. BCAAs

If the lady in your life is looking to maximize their recovery from their training of choice, from weightlifting to running, stocking her up on some BCAAs is a brilliant idea. 

Our Gin and Tonic flavour is likely to become her favorite. Ideal for Christmas Day too. 


 17. Layered Protein Bar

For all the snack-queens you know, our Layered Bar is the one to buy this Christmas. 20g of protein and tons of crunchy and gooey layers, the optimal post-workout sweet treat. 

The only question to ask is does she like chocolate brownie or Cookies and Cream? 


18. FlavDrops

Does the woman in your life like porridge for breakfast? Or pancakes? Or are they just looking for ways to spice up whatever they’re cooking that day? Our FlavDrops are ideal for all of that. 

Calorie-free and full of flavor, our Flavdrops come in an array of flavors, including favorites like Chocolate Peanut Butter, White Chocolate, Strawberry and Hazelnut, as well as many more. 


 19. MP Baseball Cap

Does she like to keep a low-profile in the gym? A new cap is definitely a must-have then. 

Our baseball cap coming in Stone and Black is perfect for the gym or running errands. Stylish, casual and practical. 


 20. Yoga Mat

Whether you know a girl who is a committed Yogi, or if she just needs something to get a good stretching routine in, a Yoga mat is the perfect gift.


 21. Running Waistband

This one is for all the running ladies. 

Our running waistband has an adjustable phone holder for hands-free running. No more risking a smashed phone on the pavement, only stress-free running to help her smash her PBs. 


 22. Seamless Leggings and Sports Bra

Give the gift of comfort with a Seamless leggings and sports bra set. 

Perfect for every stylish gym-goer. 

This collection shapes curves and makes for confident training. Choose from an array of colors to find her favorite. 


23. Protein Chips

Super savory, in two classic chip flavors, our Protein Chips taste like a cheat meal.

Packed with 14 grams of protein and only 120 calories, this healthy snack alternative won’t derail your diet.

Instead, you can increase your protein intake in a way that’s downright delicious. Choose either Barbecue or Salt & Vinegar to Snack on Track.


24. Power Jacket

Any outdoor workouts over Christmas and the New Year need the Power Jacket. 

So, if you know any women who love a winter run, or a HIIT session in the garden in zero temperatures. The Power Jacket is a game-changing gift. 

Choose from Black or festive Oxblood. 


25. THE Plant Protein Bundle

Most plant protein proteins are hard to stomach. Luckily, we’ve designed the best-tasting plant-based protein yet with THE Plant Protein, our newest plant-based innovation designed to give you Pure. Plant. Power. Shake up the Mocha or Vanilla Chai flavor in our Pro Metal Shaker to take your diet and routine to the next level.

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