50 Best Fitness Gifts For Fitness Lovers | Christmas Gifts 2020

The Ultimate Fitness Christmas Gift Guide 

In need of some inspiration for your favorite fitness fanatics this Christmas? We’ve got a guide to everything they could possibly want in their stocking or under the tree. Whether they enjoy pounding the pavements or the weights in the gym, find them the gifts they need to boost their performance. 

We’ve got fitness gifts tailored to every sporting need, so you can be sure that what you give will bring a smile to their face this season. 

Get ready to drool over this incredible Christmas gift guide for fitness lovers 


Christmas Specials 

1. PRO Range Sample Box

Gift yourself or your favorite gym partner quality like no other with the PRO Range Sample Box.

Within the Myprotein PRO box, you’ll find premium products like THE Coffee Boost, THE Amino Boost, THE Pre-Workout, THE EAAs, and our PRO Metal Shaker. For what’s usually over a $100, you’ll be able to purchase at a super low price.


2. Layered Bar | Chocolate Brownie

Back by popular demand, the Layered Bar is at the top of the nice list this Christmas. Its new chocolate brownie flavor, combined with 20g of protein makes it the perfect treat without the cheat. With 5 layers comprising of protein, gooey chocolate, and a topping with a crunch, they’ll satisfy even the biggest of sweet tooths. 



Christmas Stocking Fillers – Fitness Gifts under $20 

Stuck for those last-minute stocking fillers or a Secret Santa? It can be tough to find small gifts that you know they’ll love and actually use, so here’s some of our favorites that they’re sure to enjoy too. 

3. Protein Gelatin Mix

Big gelatin fan? Our Protein Gelatin Mix is a great tasting, easy-to-make snack, that’s a good source of protein with zero fat and sugar — perfect for curbing those sweet-tooth cravings.


4. Protein Pancake Mix

Speaking of pancakes, they’ll love you even more if you pair that Protein Spread with these bad boys… Our protein pancake mix is packed full of protein to fuel your mornings, and comes in 8 different flavors, from Cinnamon & Sugar and Golden Syrup. Even the worst of chefs can’t go wrong, simply add water or milk and fry ‘em up! 


5. Pro Metal Shaker

Crafted from 100% stainless steel, our Metal Shaker is perfect for mixing supplements on the go —from weight-gainers and protein blends, to amino acids and creatine — stay on top of your nutrition, wherever you are.


6. Gallon Hydrator

If they love to spend hours in the gym but HATE spending half that time walking to and from the water fountain, then this is the perfect gift. This BPA-free bottle is also pretty heavy duty to withstand being thrown about with the rest of your kit with a built-in handle for easy drinking. Feel like a gallon may be a little too big? You could also try our Half-Gallon Hydrator.


7. Daily Multivitamins

Help them to stay well this winter with a little help from our multi-vitamins. No one wants to miss a training session because of the sniffles, so having these easy tablets on hand with 7 different vitamins blended together will keep anyone on track with their fitness routine. 


8. Metal Shaker

No need to be let down by cheap and breakable shakers. The Metal Shaker is lightweight, strong and reliable for the smoothest shake every time. With a secure screw-top lid that’s easy to keep clean, he’ll be using it every day to power up on protein. 


9. THE Plant Protein Bundle

Most plant protein proteins are hard to stomach. Luckily, we’ve designed the best-tasting plant-based protein yet with THE Plant Protein, our newest plant-based innovation designed to give you Pure. Plant. Power. Shake up the Mocha or Vanilla Chai flavor in our Pro Metal Shaker to take your diet and routine to the next level.


10. Protein Chips

Super savory, in two classic chip flavors, our Protein Chips taste like a cheat meal.

Packed with 14 grams of protein and only 120 calories, this healthy snack alternative won’t derail your diet.

Instead, you can increase your protein intake in a way that’s downright delicious. Choose either Barbecue or Salt & Vinegar to Snack on Track.


11. Klick Box

Do they love to meal prep but struggle for storage? With the Large and Small Klick Boxes, they can ensure they have all the food they need on hand when they need it. With removable slots to separate out snacks and supplements, plus a lid that clicks into place, it’s perfect for those packed lunches too. 


12. Hybrid Water Bottle

Our hybrid water bottle is a great gift for your sporty spouse. Simply squeeze and they can drink without their mouth touching the bottle, making it extra hygienic to use for team sports or outdoors. 


13. THE MCT Boost

Medium-chain triglycerides, or as they’re typically abbreviated MCT, are a form of fat that provides an easily digestible, calorie-dense energy source. THE MCT Boost is an easy-to-use MCT oil, derived from 100% coconut oil, that’s perfect for adding to your favorite hot and cold drinks.


14. Flavdrops

Perfect for coffee lovers and bakers alike, this handy little bottle contains more flavor than you could imagine. Add a few drops to bakes, drinks, and shakes for a burst of something sweet with zero calories or sugar. You’ll never go back to sugar-filled syrups again after adding a few drops of this to your coffee. 


15. MP Essentials Hand Towel

Whether it’s at the gym or during a strenuous home workout, a small towel can be really handy for wiping away that hard-earned sweat. This soft-touch cotton towel with embossed logo will have them sweating in style. 


16. Knee Wraps

Got a friend with a bum knee? Let’s help them out.

Our Knee Wraps are designed to offer support to the knees, during lifting exercises such as squats or deadlifts. Made from durable cotton these elasticated wraps are fully adjustable and fasten with a sturdy Velcro grip.


Fitness Gifts 

Here are some gifts that they just can’t go without, whatever sport they play. From easing tired muscles to intense training, these are the gifts that they’ll be excited to use one Christmas Day. 

17. Myvegan Shaker

If they love everything eco-friendly, then this Myvegan Water Bottle is the perfect alternative to a fully plastic shaker. Made from 100% stainless steel, it’s been designed with sustainability in mind. 


18. Yoga Recovery Mat

Whether it’s for stretching after a long run, or their daily chakras, a yoga mat is the perfect gift for fitness lovers and yogis alike. With high-density foam and wave groove grip, they can enjoy their stretch session in comfort and slip-free. 


19. Foam Roller

Continuing along the recovery theme, after a good stretch, there’s nothing better than rolling out those tired muscles. The high-density EVA foam ensures it keeps its shape no matter how much pressure they put it under Foam rollers are especially helpful in building core strength, easing aches and pains, and improving balance and stability — it’s the perfect all-round gift for any fitness lover. 


20. Women’s Raw Training Collection

If they’re training day in, day out then they need some durable kit to train in. The Raw Training Collection has taken the classic workout look and made it strong enough to withstand the toughest of workouts. With ribbed paneling and seamless cuts for comfort, it’s built to be both durable and flexible. Treat them to the set, which includes, leggings, sports bra, long-sleeve top, vest, and even joggers for rest day. 


21. Men’s Raw Training Collection

For training and rest days, they deserve both comfort and durability. The Raw Training Collection has taken old-school looks and made them to last, even through the toughest of sessions. Treat them to the full set which includes, vests, shorts, hoodies, joggers, and t-shirts in 3 stylish colourways. 


22. Women’s Composure Collection

Give them comfort and flexibility this Christmas with the Composure Collection. Whether they’re a yogi who needs clothes that move with them, or a calming color palette and soft rest-day garments, this is the collection for them. From soft hoodies and joggers to supportive yoga leggings and strappy sports bras, this collection is both beautiful and comfortable. 


23. MP Technical Backpack

Whether they’re teaching the class, or going from the office to the gym, this handy backpack can carry everything they need. With reflective tape detailing to keep them safe and seen as well as 2 compartments, they can keep their daily kit organized and easy to find while they’re on the move.


24. Men’s Essentials Training

Make sure they have all the kit they need to start their training strong in 2021. The Men’s Essential Training Collection has shorts, t-shirts, and vests with smart antibacterial and sweat-wicking technology to keep them cool so they can focus on getting in a good workout. Coming in a variety of different colorways and styles, there’s something to suit everyone in this collection. 


Gifts for Gym Lovers 

We know this year’s been tough on gym lovers, so treat them to something special so that they can make a strong comeback in 2021. From handy accessories to the training gear to be seen in this season, there’s plenty of gifts that’ll make their gym buddies jealous. 

25. MP Gym Holdall

If they always have their kit in the boot of their car, ready to squeeze in a session on the way home from work, then treat them to a bag that can hold it all — and all their snacks too. There’s a large pocket for shoes, inside pocket for valuables, water resistant base to keep everything dry and multiple options for straps.  


26. Wrist Wraps

If they like to lift heavy, then wrist wraps are a must-buy for their training bag. Designed to support your wrists and reduce the risk of injury during workouts, the wraps include a strong Velcro fastening and are elasticated to ensure they can fit almost anyone. 


27. Women’s Lifting Gloves

Weightlifting can be tough on your hands, so help them to avoid painful blisters by investing in a good pair of lifting gloves. With leather paneling on the palms for extra padding and comfort and an adjustable Velcro strap for comfort and proper fit, they’re a great addition to any gym-goer’s stocking. 


28. Dipping Belt

Do they like to push it to the limits what it comes to lifting? This gift will challenge even the heaviest of lifters. The dipping belt is designed to hold up to an extra 100kg while supporting their back for pull-ups and dips — great exercises for strengthening the upper body. Made from heavy-duty leather, this belt is built to last through the toughest of sessions.  


29. Hands Wraps

Perfect for protecting their hands in the ring or for their favourite boxing class, these wraps offer extra hand and wrist support and are completely adjustable.


30. The Build-Muscle Bundle

If they’re into their training, they probably know that gains are made in the kitchen. Help them get their nutrition on point, spur on recovery and get them revving for their next workout with the Build-Muscle Bundle. Containing Impact Whey Protein, Creatine, Pre-workout, BCAA 2:1:1, a shaker and an expert training and nutrition guide, they’ll be making gains before the month is out.  


31. The Tone-Up Bundle

If their gym goal is to get lean and defined, then the Tone-Up Bundle will get them over the line. Containing Impact Whey Protein, Impact EAAs, Daily Multivitamins, a shaker and an expert training and nutrition guide, you can help them make their goals a reality. 


32. The Health & Wellness Bundle

Achieving a healthy lifestyle can often take time, results will not be seen overnight – it takes time, dedication and determination. But it can be done.

We’ve compiled a simple, but effective bundle of some wellness essentials designed at helping you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle into 2021 and beyond.


33. Fat Gripz Extreme

Used by elite bodybuilders and sports teams alike, Fat Gripz are designed to widen your grip on the bar to activate muscles in the hands and arms further. Helping to prevent muscle imbalances and increase muscle gains, they’re bodybuilding’s worst kept secret for seeing results and making that lift all the more challenging. 


34. Liquid Chalk

Don’t let slippy barbells get in the way of their goals — help them reach that PB with the help of some handy liquid chalk. Whether it’s for climbing, lifting or even gymnastics, liquid chalk is the ideal addition to their training bag.



35. Women’s Curve Collection

Make her the envy of everyone in the gym in one of our most popular seamless designs ever. The Curve Collection’s body-sculpting and sweat-wicking features mean she’ll feel both comfortable and stylish whatever her workout throws at her. On top of that, the vibrant colorways are sure to brighten up those dark, winter gym sessions. 


36. Men’s Essentials Collection

We all know that guy who lives in sports gear — and who can blame them when it looks this good? The Men’s Essentials range covers them for every day of the week, from rest day joggers to tanks to show off their hard work in the gym. With a range of colorways and fits, there something to fit every shape and size.  


Healthy Christmas Snacks 

We know that Christmas is all about good food — and that’s true for fitness lovers too. With snacks to suit every taste and situation, you’ll be at the top of their nice list if you fill their stocking with these treats. 

37. The Weight Loss Guide complete with snack ideas

The Weight-Loss Guide is your complete gym-ready PDF training and nutrition guide to losing weight. Featuring nutrition and supplement advice from qualified nutritionists, and fundamental workouts from an experienced personal trainer, our guide is all about sustainable lifestyle changes that you can stick to.
Learn about how to diet the right way, try tasty new recipes, and put your fitness to the test with tough workouts that work.


38. Myvegan Protein Bar

Our Vegan Protein Bar is a tasty solution to sweet-tooth cravings. Packed with plant-based proteins, an indulgent soft center, and topped with a delicious dark chocolate coating, they’re great to power your day — naturally flavored and sweetened.


39. Protein Wafers

If you find protein bars too heavy for your taste, wafers are a lighter and just as delicious choice to fuel your routine — with the nutritional benefits to back it up.

Our Protein Wafers come complete with 15 grams of protein, they’re low in sugar, and are available in 2 velvety flavors — Chocolate and Vanilla.


40. The Nuts Bar

We’re so excited to share with you our newest high-protein protein bar — The Nuts Bar. Made with crunchy roasted almonds and packed with 12g of protein, The Nuts Bar is a convenient choice for staying fueled when you need it most.

High in fiber, this protein bar is the perfect balance of savory nuts and smooth vanilla . Shop below.


41. Clear Whey Isolate

The most refreshing protein drink to dateClear Whey Isolate is a must-try. This easy-to-mix protein shake is a juicy alternative to their usual protein shake, making it perfect for refreshing and rehydrating both during and after a workout while upping their protein intake to kickstart recovery.

 Containing 20g of protein per serving and with so many tasty flavors to try, they’re sure to love this addition to their training and nutrition routine. 


42. Clear Vegan Protein

If they prefer a plant-based option, they can still get involved in the juicy protein revolution! Coming in 3 different flavors, the Clear Vegan Protein contains 10g of protein per serving and 50% of their recommended serving of B vitamins. These fruity flavors are ideal for refreshing and recovering after a tough session in the gym 


Gifts for Runners 

With more of us than ever taking our workouts outside of the gym this year, we know that you may have a few more budding runners to gift for this year. Fear not, we’ll have gifts that they’ll love and to keep them motivated well into the new year.  

43. Women’s Velocity Collection

Designed to supercharge your sessions, the Velocity Collection will keep up with them from their first 5K through to the tough hill sprints and HIIT sessions. With sweat wicking fabrics, laser cut ventilation, and compressive fitting, they’ll be able to get the most out of their running whether they’ve been pounding the pavements for years or are just starting out. Treat them to the full set, which includes high-performance leggings, sports bras, long-sleeve tops, vests, and shorts in a variety of flattering colorways. 


44. Men’s Velocity Collection

Keep them warm and comfortable on their winter runs with the Velocity Collection. Designed to Supercharge your sessions, these high-performance pieces include 4-way stretch fabric and sweat wicking technology to keep him cool and keep up every move he makes. With long-sleeve tops, vests, t-shirts, shorts and joggers, you can kit him out completely for high-performance workouts. 


45. MP Reflective Crew Socks

With a compressive feel and reflective yarn, these socks will keep them both comfortable and seen on those early morning runs. If they want to go the distance, then a good pair of running socks are vital.


46. MP Essential Baseball Cap

Running in the winter months can be pretty grueling, so help keep the sun and the rain out of their eyes with this baseball cap. Perfect for keeping their hair back and their head warm. With an adjustable strap and stay-cool ventilation, this is a runner’s staple. 


47. Running Armband

Whether it’s to track their runs or listen to music, most runners take their phones with them, but where can they store it? This armband has a fully adjustable strap and is made from neoprene for a smoother movement feel. It sits close to the skin, with an added key compartment so that they can come and go as they please. 


48. THE Thermo X

The Thermo-X is not your average fat burner. Our ultimate formula of caffeine, rhodiola, and the popular patented ingredients Theacrine, CapsiMax® and BioPerine® — giving you unrivaled focus whenever you need an extra boost!


49. MP Seamless Snood

Help them keep the cold weather at bay with the protection of a snood, specially designed for exercising. Designed with strategically placed mesh panels to ensure breathability, a reflective strip to keep them safe, and a drawcord to adjust the size, it’s ideal for keeping warm on their runs this winter. 


50. THE EAAs + Greens

A perfect alternative or compliment to protein shakes, THE EAA + Greens has been designed to boost cellular health and combat free radicals with loads of antioxidants.

EAAs are amino acids that aren’t produced naturally in the body and in turn, have to be consumed through our diet.

An amino blend that stimulates muscle growth and overall health, THE EAA + Greens is a sports nutrition supplement your routine can’t go without.


Take Home Message

The way we train and keep fit has changed a lot this year, but our Christmas Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers is packed full of recommendations for a range of training styles, whether you’re working out in your bedroom-office-gym, keeping it on-point in the kitchen with nutrition, or checking out the best running and cycling paths around. 

We know this year has been tough on gym goers and even just for staying active or finding motivation. Help the fitness lovers in your life switch it up a notch for 2021 with these great fitness gifts. 


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