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Losing weight can either be an incredibly difficult task or extremely exciting given the support and time invested into reaching your goals. The Myprotein team want to be that helping hand, therefore we have created our Diet & Weight Loss Range specifically tailored to support your dietary needs alongside an active lifestyle.



Low carb breakfasts

Slow releasing low GI carbohydrates are perfect to replenish your energy stores whilst satisfying your hunger after in the morning, throughout the day or after training. Low GI carbs contain beta-glucans that contribute to reducing the blood glucose rise post-meal,helping eliminate sugary cravings that may sabotage your results.­­ Our Instant oats have been specifically made with low GI carbs to provide these benefits with ease and at a great price. Add them to our easily mixable Impact Diet Whey Protein Powder (less than 200 calories and 32g protein per serving!) for delicious protein shakes with added benefits of low saturated fat, low sugar and high fiber to contribute towards building lean muscle

Healthy snacks

In addition to the above Instant Oats and Impact Diet Whey Protein Powder, Myprotein have a dairy-free, soy-free protein powder called Vegan Blend for those not wanting dairy or would just like to reduce lactose in their diet to contribute towards weight loss. The blend is a concoction of Pea protein, Hemp protein and Brown rice protein and delivers 22g protein per 30g serving! 

Healthy bedtime snacks

A hunger pane at bedtime is never a good sign! Rather than starving you from the “guilt of eating at night” – it would actually benefit your weight loss goals more to go to bed satisfied. Consuming slow-releasing high protein foods just before bedtime will spur overnight recovery and eliminate hunger pangs throughout the night without any carbs sitting on your stomach. Bedtime Extreme with added Glutamine for recovery and Milk Protein Smooth with 78% Micellar Casein Protein will do just the trick!

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