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If you are determined to put on a noticeable amount of bulk it's recommended you have a high protein meal every 3 hours. This can be a hard task to accomplish especially if you have a frenetic lifestyle. Our Foods and Snacks range was specifically designed to keep you going between meals. Choose from our delicious and nutritious snacks, bars, butters and other high-protein foods.


What do I need protein for?


Contrary to popular belief, protein is not intended only for gym addicts. All kinds of people need protein to live a healthy life. Proteins are composed of small units called amino acids, which play various important roles in a multitude of biochemical reactions that take place inside your body.

They are necessary for cell repair, tissue growth, hormone production,and the maintenance of the immune system. There are two types of protein: complete and incomplete. Complete protein sources contain all amino acids in sufficient quantities for protein synthesis. Animal-derived products - such as fish, eggs, yogurt, milk and meat - are good examples of complete protein sources. Soybean-derived products are also complete proteins.

Incomplete proteins are generally lacking one or more amino acids. This is why people are advised to have a balanced diet and vary their food sources. High-protein foods and snacks contain a full spectrum of amino acids, therefore helping meet your daily protein requirements.



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