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You've partnered with Myprotein to create your own exclusive bundle, why do you use/like each of the items?

THE Whey - great to take post workout or mixed in with your oats for a complete meal. Whey is easily absorbed into the muscles making it an easy end convenient source of protein and that's why I love it.

THE Pre-Workout - all clinically dosed ingredients to fuel yourself through the toughest of sessions.A must have for any person looking for some serious workouts.

THE EAAs - these are the building blocks of protein, supplementing BCAA can help increase levels of protein synthesis and decrease muscle atrophy & soreness during exercise especially in a calorie deficit when trying to lose fat. Best taken intra or post workout.

Metal Shaker: Great to hold all your supplements in!

How did you get into fitness?

My story back when I was 16, I was a skinny teenager, I felt weak, unfit, and had no idea what direction I wanted to take my life in. I dreamed of having a ripped physique, but it seemed an impossible task. One day, I picked up a Men’s Health magazine and studied the cover model. Something inside me clicked. I realized that I was the only thing stopping myself from becoming who I wanted to be. A fire was lit inside me, one which would never be extinguished. I threw myself into my new passion, tirelessly pursuing my goals, enduring trial and error over and over until I had mastered my craft and changed my life for the better. With over 9 years of training experience and being a qualified personal trainer, my goal is to inspire and teach the world what I know so that people can chase their own goals confidently.

How do you stay motivated?

Remembering why I started and having an undying passion to keep myself fit and healthy.

How does Myprotein support you in staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals?

By providing me with the supplements I need to keep me fuelled and ready.

Fun facts?

Favorite cheat foods - Pizza and Ice Cream, the standard!

Biggest fitness fail - tearing my quadricep tendon doing heavy Tom Platz Hack Squats! I do not recommend ever doing them! 

If you could work out with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Marino Katsouris

Simply choose one THE Whey, one THE Pre-Workout, one THE EAAs and one Metal Shaker for $150.99, click Next and apply code MARINOVIP at cart for an extra 40% off.

THE Whey™ - 30servings - Vanilla Ice Cream
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THE Pre-Workout™ - 0.85lb - Blue Raspberry - Original Formula
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Heroes and Villians

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Metal Shaker
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