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Your vegan-friendly weight-loss journey begins...

THE Plant Protein

Crafted using a premium tri-blend of plant-based protein that helps to grow and maintain important muscle.1 THE Plant Protein contains a full profile of all nine essential amino acids, which support muscle recovery. It’s also an excellent source of iron and B vitamins, with all-natural flavorings to deliver a great-tasting, easy-mixing plant blend.

• 25g protein per serving

• 4g of naturally occurring BCAAs

• 4g of naturally occurring glutamine

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Vegan Superfood Blend

This powerful blend is the perfect training support as it gives you the nutrients of 20 superfood extracts alongside a protein hit — helping with fitness goals of losing weight and gaining muscle, as well as vitamin B12 and C supporting important functions in the body.

• 22g protein per serving

• 20 superfood extracts

• Vitamin B12 and C support the immune system

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Vegan Protein Blend™

Completely free from dairy, this all-natural blend is packed with essential amino acids and over 21g protein per serving for people training on a plant-based diet. With pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, our Vegan blend is a high-protein shake created to help achieve your fitness goals.

• 21g protein per serving

• Essential Amino Acids

• Brown rice and pea blend

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