06 Lean Muscle

Our Myprotein Lean Muscle range has been created to support anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass without the dread of piling on pounds of fat. The extent of our range aims to provide you with essential nutrients to reach goals of increasing power and strength, speed up muscle recovery and support the growth of hard-earned lean muscle mass. The variation of products ranging from Myprotein’s Pre-workout for that all-needed energy kick, to Liquid chalk to support better form and Peanut butter for healthy fats, you’ll find the tools needed to support your goals.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass and minimal body fat
  • Athletes/Bodybuilders may benefit with a decrease in body fat when approaching competitions
  • Anyone who aims to gain strength through training without putting on a lot of size in bulking phases
  • Those with fitness goals of wanting to appear and be additionally leaner

The Range

The Lean Muscle range provides you with muscle-recovering supplements, energy-boosting pre-workout and powders to help increase power and strength to achieve lean muscle mass.


Recommended Lean Muscle Products