05 Diet & Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a gruelling and boring process and particularly difficult to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Myprotein diet and weight loss range dismisses the idea of fad diets and offers convenient and effective products designed to achieve diet goals when paired with an active lifestyle. Whether you want to reduce body fat, build lean muscle or rev your metabolism, you can enjoy low-carb breakfast breakfasts with Instant oats or low-carb double chocolate snacks with Impact diet whey.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone struggling to find healthy, great tasting snacks or meal replacements
  • Those wanting an energy boost to kick start a great calorie-burning workout
  • Athletes or bodybuilders needing effective supplements to reduce weight healthily
  • Anyone looking for a safe and maintainable alternative to fad diets

The Range

Get your hands on great-tasting powders to experiment with meals, low-sugar breakfast ingredients and muscle-repairing bed time snacks to keep you full throughout the night.


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